“Big Willys” 3 inch Phat Karen (Set)

“Big Willys” 3 inch Phat Karen (Set)


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For the off-roading enthusiasts who are committed to standing out, who crave the limelight and relish being a cut above the rest – we present an LED whip solution that is bound to set you apart! Our latest offering, the BIG WILLY, sets a new benchmark in the LED whip market with an extraordinary 600 LEDs inside each whip.  Designed for those who refuse to be outshone, the BIG WILLY is the ultimate choice for those who insist on the brightest, the boldest, and the best!

Adding a new dimension to our daring innovations is the most audacious product in our line-up – the BIG WILLY LED Whips. These whips may be short, standing at just 2FT tall and 3″ in thickness. with over 600 LEDs built into each whip they pack a potent punch in terms of illumination power. Each of these light whips delivers a radiance that belies its size, emitting a blaze of light that shines defiantly in the off-roading universe.

What distinguishes the BIG WILLY whips from the rest is their remarkable rigidity. These LED whips do not flex! Their firmness and stoutness mark them as unique in the whip world, showcasing a resilience that stands up to the toughest off-road challenges. Due to their rigid nature, it is strongly advised to mount them below your cage for optimum safety and performance.

Each package of BIG WILLYs comes complete with a pair of these sturdy, stand-out whips. Also included is an advanced controller, designed to deliver smooth and dependable control over your whip functions. For seamless installation and operation, we’ve added a rocker switch relay and fuse to the package as a complete plug and play kit!

In conclusion, if you’re a passionate off-roader who refuses to be overshadowed, the BIG WILLY LED Whips from our fat whip line up are your ticket to unrivaled illumination. They may be short  and rigid, but their spectacular lighting output is truly unmatched. Elevate your off-roading experience with BIG WILLY LED Whips – because the brightest stars are those that shine on their own terms!

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